The Silver Lining of a Slow Season

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Business

No one is hoping to get their countertops installed New Years Eve, let’s face it. So, you’ve probably got a few weeks this month of downtime. You could browse the internet for the 100th time out of boredom or you could use these tips to gear up for a successful 2019!

Make Improvements to Your Current Process

Whether you are using CounterGo, Systemize, or other software to run your shop smoothly and efficiently, this is a great time to take a look and see what can be improved in your system. Making time to audit your process and learn your software thoroughly is hard to do when business is booming. Use this downtime to do some fine-tuning and get the most for your money!

Scheduling a call with us is a free and helpful way to see where improvements can be made in your current way of using Moraware. Want to make your forms cleaner or customize your quotes? Or maybe you’ve been wondering about upgrading from JobTracker to Systemize. Go ahead, give us a call – we really love being able to help!

The best part about doing this? You’ll be ready to go when things get busier!

Explore New Technology

We might be a little biased as a software company, but using some downtime to find new technology to help you run your business better sounds like the most fun! Technology is always evolving and improving, just like your shop. Keeping up with new trends will only benefit you. Just make sure to use your metrics to gauge how successful each is for you.

One emerging software that we’ve been watching this year is SpeedLabel. Working beautifully with our software, SpeedLabel is a great next step to becoming a paperless shop. Sounds like a pretty sweet New Year’s resolution!

Make Room for New Jobs

While you’ve got the extra time to get organized, it might be helpful to clear up some space in your shop for all those new jobs you’re planning on in the new year. Start listing your remnants on RemnantSwap, a free marketplace to buy and sell remnants with fabricators near you. 

Even if you don’t sell them immediately, at least you’ve started the process and done the hardest part – sat down and created the listings. 

And Most Importantly…

Enjoy your holidays and extra free time with your family and friends. We can’t wait to see what accomplish in the new year!

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