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From Good to Great

In this series, fabricators share their experience of moving from analog shop management to digital.



Meet our new Sales & Marketing Manager

Hello all! My name is Kallie Biggs. I am extremely excited to be joining the team, as Marketing and Sales Manager. This year has been full surprises, and the best of them has been finding a new home at Moraware. I am extremely grateful to be part of a well-respected,...

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Ask the right questions when buying quoting software.


Discover SLABlite in StoneTalk Episode 31

In StoneTalk Episode 31, Patrick speaks with Richard Ashoff, Owner of TylerCo. Listen to this episode or read the transcript to discover: SLABlite - a new way of backlighting countertops How having a "wow" factor in your showroom helps sales How a boring stone color...

Learn from Blake Christensen in StoneTalk Episode 30

In StoneTalk Episode 30, Patrick speaks with Blake Christensen, Owner of Valley View Granite Listen to this episode or read the transcript to learn or : Creating a great end-to-end experience for your customers How to get good people from other industries and train...

StoneTalk Episode 29 – Geoffrey Gran

In Episode 29, Patrick speaks with Geoffrey Gran, Owner of The Countertop Factory Midwest Listen to this episode or read the transcript to learn: The 3 C's of Consistency, Communication, and Caring What it means to be a "sales and marketing company that happens to...

StoneTalk Episode 28 – Kyle Carpenter

In Episode 28, Patrick speaks with Kyle Carpenter, founder of Listen to this episode or read the transcript to learn: How a business that started for DIYers grew to support fabricators How customers look for construction professionals How fabricators...

StoneTalk Episode 27 – Chuck Russo

In Episode 27, Patrick speaks with Chuck Russo, of Listen to this episode or read the transcript to learn: The advantage of using robot saws over other types of automated equipment The benefits of a 2-table system Different approaches to ensuring...

StoneTalk Episode 26 – Karen Rothenberg

In Episode 26, Patrick speaks with Karen Rothenberg, founder of Natural Stone Motif, Inc. Listen to this episode to learn: Why you need to ask your customers questions to determine their lifestyle, wants, and true needs - in order to help them pick the right product...


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