JobTracker Reporting Webinar

We had a good turnout for our JobTracker Reporting webinar yesterday … in case you weren’t able to make it, here’s the video: And of course, if you have any questions, just send us an email or give us a call at 866-312-9273.

An Introduction to JobTracker

If you missed our free JobTracker webinar this week, you have another chance to tune in. Whenever you choose! We recorded the training so you can watch it any time. Bookmark the page and share it with new employees! The training was designed to introduce new employees...
My First Stone Industry Education Event

My First Stone Industry Education Event

On July 14th, I had the pleasure of going to Birmingham and attending my first event put on by the MIA + BSI together with Stone World at Pacific Shore Stones.   The day flew by, and I learned about the industry, much of which you can’t pick up from a textbook! A few...